Viognier Organic White wine IGP Cévennes

Grape varieties : 
100 % viognier 

Terroir :
On clay and limonestone soils, the vines are on estwest facing terraces surrounded by woodland.

Vinification : 
The grapes are picked in the early hours of the morning and put into a stainless steel trailer with dry ice to avoid oxidation and to limit the use of sulphites. 
On arrival at the winery the grapes are destemmed and then pressed to extract the juice. The juice will stay in the vat at 10°c for 24-36 hours and begin the natural clarifying process.
The clarified juice is racked into another vat where it will undergo the long wine-making process from 3 weeks to 1 month. 
The temperature is at 16° to conserve the taste of fruit and its flavours.

Suggestions to accompagny this wine : 
You'll appeciate our white wine as an aperitif or with fish and seafood.

Ideal serving temperature : 
At around 10° c 




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