Since 1984,  the small family company "Le Sauzet" has succeeded in preserving its authenticity in the manufacture of its vinegars

The raw materials are all purchased in France. The wine is bought primarily from producers in Provence whom we have known for several years. 
The cider is bought in Brittany. 

We can guarantee that our products are 100 % French (except for our Balsamic Vinegar from Modene). In order to guarantee the perfect quality of our produtcs year afteryear, controls are carried out both on the farm and during the manufacturing process. The traceability of the product is essential for our commercialisation.

The plants used for flavoured vinegars are certified organics plants from Provence. 

No chemical product or synthesis agents are used in the compounding of our vinegars and mustards.
Contrary to taditionnal vinegar the organic cider or organic wine vinegar contain neither stabilising preservatives nor sulphites.

The organic cider or organic vine vinegar does not contain any stabilising conservative and any sulphite contrary to the traditional vinegar. 

Our vinegars are not pasteurized.

With the same meticulousness, we can also offer you a range of mustards.

Our company work exclusively with organics products. Certification and controls are carried out by ECOCERT sas