Why Organic ?


" Since the beginning of the century several generations have endeavoured to maintain a balance between the land and the wines. 
The crops were of excellent quality every year but the yield was irregular because the wines grew to their own rhythm. 
After an abundant crop there would be two or three poor ones.

Then, in the sixties, with the use of weed killers, pesticides and chemical products, Man thought he was superior to Nature. 

The crops became more abundant but the quality and the characteristics of the terroir were masked as the wines became standardized. 

As a young farmer around 1975, I tried out these new farming methods  I was soon disillusioned. I had problems with my health; allergic to some chemical spraying products. 

It was as though the wines were rebelling against me, accusing me of poisoning them. I immediately came back to the traditional methods of our wise elders. 
That is why I decided to adopt organic farming methods in 1984. 

Today I am proud of our vineyards and of our wines which have recovered the characteristics of the terroir. 

For more than a decade I have been an active member in associations to promote organic farming. This has given me the opportunity to work in partnership with other producers."