The wine is cultivated respectful of environment, with no chemicals or weedkillers. 
The wines are ploughed as in the old days, the soils are alive and aerated. 
Therefore, there is no risk of finding residues in ground waters. 
The wine grows quality grapes at its own rythm. Treatment against wine diseases is ensured with the use of natural products. 
The organic wine grower stores a healthy crop in his tanks. So, fermentation will take place in the best conditions. Vinification is allowed to follow the natural process, with a little sulphur, fining with egg white and filtering with sediments from the sea. 
The agrobiologist wine growers follow a vinification charter which methods and equipments to improve quality are accepted. 
Respect for environment and good quality work bring about other benefits : they protect the soils and the vintages keeping their specific characters intact. 
All the bottles whith labels mentionning « Vin issu de raisin l’Agriculture Biologique » comply with the specifications. They are controlled at least once a year by a state certified body, which ensures a seriously made quality product for our customers.