The organic wine is transformed in vinegar in wood tuns called fermenters. Turbines stir the wine in order to oxygenize it until natural acetic fermentation occurs. 
This fermentation lasts about 10 days. Throughout fermentation the temperature of the vinegar is controlled by cooling. 

Coils in which cold water runs are placed inside the tuns in order to control the temperature which must not exceed 29 °C, a fundamental rule to obtain quality vinegars. 
Once the vinegar is elaborated, it is stored for some time in the tuns in order to let it settle naturally. 
Before bottling, filtration is made with sediments from the sea. No chemical or synthetic product is used for making our vinegars and mustards. 
The organic wine or cider vinegar contains no preservative, no stabilizing agent unlike traditional vinegar. That is the reason why we can find deposit in bottles stored for several months. 

It is also quite normal that the vinegar gets cloudy once the bottles are open (that is the proof that it contains no preservative). This does not decrease its gustative quality. The plants used to flavoured the vinegars are certified « organic plants from Provence ».