Organic Red Wine Without Sulfites IGP Cévennes

Grapes varieties:

- 60 % Black grenache
- 25 % Syrah 
- 10 % Carignan 
-  5 % Cinsault 

Terroir :

On clay and limonest soil, the wines are on south-facing terraces surruonded by woodland.

Vinification :

Picked in the same way as the others grapes after being destemmed and put into the vat, the maceration will last between 8 to 10 days to extract the color and tanins. In order to give good structure to the wine.

The temperature controlled fermentation keeps the fruitiness. 

This wine contains NO SULFITES during the vinification and during the storage.

Suggestions to accompagny this wine : 

Our red fruity, well-rounded wines is not only appreciate with "hors-d'oeuvres" or cheese but also throughout the meal.

Ideal serving temperature :
At around 14° c - 15° c





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