Organic Rosé Wine IGP Cévennes


Grape varieties : 
- 60 % black grenache
- 40 % of cinsault 

Terroir : 
On clay and limestone soil, the vines are on east-west, north south-facing terraces urrounded by woodland. 

Vinification : 
The rosé is made from red grapes picked in the early hours of the morning and put in stainless steel trailors with dry ice in order to avoid oxidisation. 
After destemming the grapes are put into the vat and cooled. The juice and grapes macerate for several hours. 

The juice is then drawn off into another tank and maintained at 10° for fining. 
The clear juice is then vinified at 16°c in order to preserve the fruitness and the aromas. 

Suggestions to accompagny this wine : 
Our rosé wine is delicious as an aperitif or with bilberry liqueur. It goes well with your salads and hors-d’oeuvres as well as grilled meats and barbecued food (sausages and “merguez”) 

Ideal serving temperature : 
At around 10° c 


Available in Bag In Box (3 liters and 5 liters) 


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